What Is The Reno FreeZone Center?

What Is FreeZone Worldwide?

Rey Robles is a well-known international lecturer and seminarist. He has been a successful personal counsellor and business consultant for over 40 years. Rey had 20 years experience as auditor and C/S in the C of S and has continued to be an auditor, C/S, and supervisor for over 20 years independently. He is the founder and executive director of the Reno FreeZone center, the yearly FreeZone Convention (since 2001), and FreeZone Worldwide.

Rey's extensive experience includes:

​-B.A. Degree from Sonoma State College

​-Completed training up to Class 12 by ex S.O. auditor & C/S who were trained by L. Ron Hubbard.

-Over 40 years of auditing, C/S, counselling and consulting experience.

-St. Hill Special Briefing Course 1972

-Qual. Sec. San Diego Org.

-Mission Holder at Santa Rosa, CA 1973

-Advance Review Auditor at A.O.L.A 1978

-Hollywood Narconon Staff 1985

-Mission of San Joaquin, CA 1983-1988

-W.I.S.E. Busines Consultant 1979-1990

-Scientology Tokyo 1988 W.I.S.E. Consultant

-Field Auditor 1989

-Independent Freezone Auditor since 1990

Rey has also completed the following Scientology Admin courses:

-Staff Status III

-Volume 0 and 1

-Intro to Scientology Ethics Course

-P.T.S./S.P. Routing and Detection Course

-Personal Ethics and Integrity Course

-Investigatory Tech. Specialist Course

-Executive Status I

Rey Robles

FreeZone Worldwide is an organization dedicated to helping others reach their goals and complete their bridge outside the Church of Scientology, in the "Free Zone." We are free beings helping others become free beings.

The Reno FreeZone Center offers processing and training in the original Dianetics and Scientology technology. Processing and training is provided by Rey Robles, a long time auditor and trainer in and out of the C of S. For more about services offered through the Reno FreeZone Center, visit the "Services" page using the link in the menu above.